Page 1: Customer Satisfaction Survey

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      Product Satisfaction
     Very pleasedSatisfiedNeutralI was not satisfiedI was never satisfiedNo idea
    In general, how satisfied are you with our product / service?
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      Future Use and Advice to Others
     AbsolutelyProbablyI am not sureProbably notNo way
    Would you recommend our product / service to the employees in your sector?
    Will you consider using it in the future?
  4. 121064
     Less than 1 monthBetween 1 and 6 monthsBetween 7 and 11 monthsBetween 1 to 3 yearsOver 3 yearsI've never used
    How long have you used our product / service?
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      Frequency of Use
     Once a weekMore than once a week2-3 times a monthOnce a monthOnce every 2 to 3 months
    How often did you use our product / service?